In a ground-breaking theatrical announcement, the worldwide phenomenon, The Hunger Games, is set to make its global stage premiere in London in Autumn 2024. The Olivier Award-winning playwright Conor McPherson, celebrated as the best playwright of his generation by the New York Times, will adapt Suzanne Collins’ acclaimed novel and Lionsgate’s blockbuster film for this much-anticipated live production. Heralding a thrilling collaboration between McPherson and renowned director Matthew Dunster, the stage adaptation promises a unique and immersive experience that captivates fans and introduces a new generation to the dystopian epic.

“I’m very excited to be collaborating with the amazing team of Conor McPherson and Matthew Dunster as they bring their dynamic and innovative interpretation of ‘The Hunger Games to the London stage.”

Suzanne Collins, best-selling author of The Hunger Games series

Suzanne Collins, best-selling author of The Hunger Games
Jenefer Brown, EVP and Head of Global Products and Experiences at Lionsgate

“The Hunger Games is one of the best book to movie adaptations of all time, inspiring audiences to think deeply about the world around them and the strength of the human spirit. We are honored to bring its powerful story, characters and world to the stage in this latest exciting chapter.”

Jenefer Brown, EVP and Head of Global Products and Experiences at Lionsgate

The production boasts a world-class creative team, including Miriam Buether as set designer, Moi Tran as costume designer, choreographed by Charlotte Broom, Lucy Carter as lighting designer. Ian Dickinson for Autograph will design the sound, Tal Rosner  will do the video design, Kev McCurdy as fight director, John Maddox for Suspended Illusions will be in charge of performer flying, Amy Ball is set to cast, and Gary Beestone will be the production manager. The gripping tale of courage, defiance, and the unbreakable human spirit will unfold in a brand-new epic stage production, promising an exhilarating theatrical experience.

Conor McPherson’s adaptation of The Hunger Games adds another milestone to his illustrious career, marked by plays like Girl from the North Country and The Night Alive. Matthew Dunster, a director and writer with over sixty shows to his credit, including the recent success 2:22 – A Ghost Story, brings his expertise to this highly anticipated stage adaptation.

Girl From The North Country

“To receive Suzanne Collins’ blessing to adapt ‘The Hunger Games for the stage is both humbling and inspiring. She has created a classic story which continues to resonate now more than ever. In a world where the truth itself seems increasingly up for grabs, ‘The Hunger Games’ beautifully expresses values of resilience, self-reliance and independent moral inquiry for younger people especially. This is turbo charged storytelling of the highest order and I’m hugely excited to bring it to a new generation of theatre goers and to Suzanne Collins’ longstanding and devoted fans.”

Conor McPherson

Conor McPherson - credit: The Irish Times
Matthew Dunster credit The Stage

Director Matthew Dunster shared his enthusiasm for adapting this dystopian classic for the stage, emphasising the emotional power of the story.

“This might be the most exciting work call I’ve ever had. As soon as the producers said the title, I just said ‘Stop! I’m in’. I loved the Lionsgate film and the brutal and emotional power of this dystopian classic. My children had their heads in the books at the time (it’s definitely the ONLY work call of mine they’ve been excited about) so I stole them and I came to appreciate the beauty of Suzanne Collins’ storytelling. And then to add one of our greatest living playwrights, Conor McPherson, and experience him honouring the voice of Katniss Everdeen so rigorously has been a great privilege. This is theatre. It’s ‘The Hunger Games’ in the theatre. And with the world class team we have put together we aim to do something that is fully immersed in the novel and the film but is uniquely, thrillingly theatrical.”

As a dystopian future unfolds, The Hunger Games on stage will immerse audiences in a thrilling battle for survival, where Katniss Everdeen emerges as a symbol of rebellion against the oppressive Capitol. The live adaptation aims to capture the essence of the novels and films, promising an unforgettable theatrical experience.

Produced by Tristan Baker, Charlie Parsons, Oliver Royds, and Isobel David in collaboration with Lionsgate, The Hunger Games stage adaptation is poised to captivate audiences and continue the legacy of this globally cherished franchise.

Movies to the Stage...

As The Hunger Games prepares for its global stage premiere, it joins a trend of big-budget films making their mark on the theatrical stage. This movement reflects the enduring appeal of well-loved stories and the desire to experience them in new and immersive ways. Following in the footsteps of successful film-to-stage adaptations like The Lion King, Frozen and Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, several high-profile productions are set to bring the magic of cinema to the live theatre experience.

The Lion King
Harry Potter and The Cursed Child

The stage adaptation of Stranger Things, the wildly popular Netflix series, is generating significant buzz. With its nostalgic nods to the 1980s and a compelling mix of supernatural elements, the show’s transition to the stage promises to transport audiences to the small town of Hawkins, Indiana, in a way that only live theatre can.

Similarly, the success of The Hunger Games in its transition to the stage opens the door for other blockbuster film franchises to explore this avenue. As studios recognise the unique storytelling possibilities of live theatre, audiences can anticipate more announcements of beloved films making their way to the stage.

Stranger Things The First Shadow

The allure of witnessing iconic stories unfold in a shared, communal space continues to draw audiences to theatres. The success of these adaptations hinges on the ability of creative teams to capture the essence of the source material while leveraging the distinct qualities of live performance. As technology and production capabilities advance, the stage becomes a canvas for bringing cinematic spectacles to life in innovative and unexpected ways.

The trend of adapting big-budget films for the stage not only broadens the scope of storytelling but also introduces theatre to audiences who may not regularly attend live performances. The convergence of film and theatre represents a dynamic shift in entertainment, offering a fresh perspective on familiar narratives and a unique opportunity for fans to engage with beloved stories in a new dimension.

With The Hunger Games leading the way, this surge in film-to-stage adaptations demonstrates the enduring power of storytelling across different mediums. As audiences eagerly await these productions, the stage becomes a dynamic space for reimagining, reinventing, and relishing in the magic of cinema brought to life by the energy and immediacy of live theatre.

For those eager to witness this historic event, priority booking information and updates can be found at As the countdown to Autumn 2024 begins, fans and theatre enthusiasts alike can anticipate a spectacular journey into the heart of Panem.