Ready for the Applause?

Step into the spotlight with the Theatre Audience Podcast, where passion meets performance. From Natalie’s solo endeavor in 2019 to Darren’s unexpected journey during the pandemic, our podcast has evolved into a dynamic force.

Now united as co-hosts, Darren and Natalie bring you the best of British theatre – from thrilling shows to breaking news – in a weekly extravaganza. Join us for lively discussions, insightful interviews, and a dose of theatrical magic.

Grab a cup of Earl Grey and immerse yourself in our world. From legendary productions to hidden gems, every episode promises to ignite your imagination.

Tune in every Tuesday at 4pm for a new episode and let the Theatre Audience Podcast transport you to the heart of the action. Join the conversation and let your love for theatre shine!

Natalie Maher ⸻

Natalie is a versatile artist with a passion for all things theatre. As the charismatic host of the Theatre Audience Podcast, she brings captivating conversations and insights to her dedicated listeners. Beyond podcasting, Natalie engages in thought-provoking discussions on education and the performing arts through her Teachers Talk Radio show. With a performance history that includes renowned venues and appearances on BBC TV, Natalie’s talent shines both on and off the stage. With over two decades of experience in education and a knack for nurturing talent, she’s not just a podcast host – she’s a seasoned professional dedicated to the art of theatre.

Darren Lee Murphy ⸻

Darren is a powerhouse in the performing arts, wearing many hats as an actor, writer, producer, and director. As the founder of Making Productions, his mission is to breathe new life into the stage by championing diverse voices and reimagining classic works in innovative ways. With a focus on inclusivity and representation, Darren’s productions aim to captivate and entertain while pushing boundaries.

Under the Making Productions banner, Darren has brought 24 plays, musicals, and operas to life, including critically acclaimed works like La bohème, which earned an Olivier Award nomination. His creative vision doesn’t stop there – he recently made waves with his debut short film, Blueberry Smoothie, winning accolades at prestigious festivals like the New York Screenwriting Award and the Toronto Film Festival.

Darren’s commitment to artistic excellence and his dedication to showcasing underrepresented voices mark him as a visionary force in the industry. Through Making Productions, he continues to break barriers, celebrate diversity, and redefine creativity in the performing arts.