The Mikvah Project and West End Musical Brunch…
The Mikvah Project and West End Musical Brunch…

The Mikvah Project and West End Musical Brunch…

Episode 21

Featuring the reviews of Pretty Woman, The Mikvah Project, National Theatre Live, Digital Theatre + and West End Musical Brunch.


In this captivating episode, Natalie sits down for an exclusive interview with the talented Mark Holden, known for his remarkable stage performance in Pretty Woman. They delve into his portrayal of the charismatic characters and explore his experiences as a versatile actor in the dynamic world of theatre.

Additionally, Natalie engages in an insightful conversation with Georgia Green, the brilliant director behind The Mikvah Project, delving into the creative process and the play’s impactful themes. The episode also delves into the exciting realm of National Theatre Live, an innovative platform that brings the magic of live theatre to audiences worldwide. Natalie shares her thoughts on the immersive experiences offered by Digital Theatre +, where theatre enthusiasts can access a diverse range of captivating productions from the comfort of their homes.

Furthermore, the episode highlights the exhilarating West End Musical Brunch, a vibrant and interactive event that combines the joy of musical theatre with a delightful brunch experience. Natalie provides a glimpse into this unique fusion of food and entertainment that leaves audiences singing and dancing. To wrap up the episode, Natalie explores the inspiring initiative known as Leave a Light On, which showcases incredible performances by talented artists through online streams. Discover how this virtual platform brings the magic of theatre directly to audiences, connecting performers and viewers in a truly special way.

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Georgia Green


Natalie Maher


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