That Face, As You Like It, Anthropology and Bob Marley plus a chat with Hal Fowler
That Face, As You Like It, Anthropology and Bob Marley plus a chat with Hal Fowler

That Face, As You Like It, Anthropology and Bob Marley plus a chat with Hal Fowler

Episode 29

Featuring our reviews of That Face, As You Like It, Anthropology and Legend, The music of Bob Marley plus an exclusive interview with Hal Fowler.

Get ready for a theatrical feast in our latest podcast! First up, at the Orange Tree Theatre, the talented Niamh Cusackleads a thrilling revival of Polly Stenham’s remarkable 2007 debut, That Face. When Mia is expelled from boarding school, her mother Martha seems indifferent, more interested in her son Henry. And with Mia’s estranged husband, Hugh, returning from Hong Kong with his new girlfriend, he’s determined to fix things. But Martha insists everything is just fine. Polly Stenham’s searing debut play peels back the curtain on the hidden lives of the wealthy, delivering anarchic humour that won accolades like the Evening Standard Charles Wintour Award, the TMA Best New Play Award, and the Critics’ Circle Award. Don’t miss its first major London revival!

Next, we venture to the Globe Theatre for a spirited rendition of Shakespeare’s As You Like It. In Duke Frederick’s court, division and distrust reign supreme. When Rosalind is banished, she escapes with her cousin Celia to the Forest of Arden, free from the court’s rigid rules. Here, they explore new identities and discover a place where love and connection know no bounds. In this ancient haven of nature, unexpected friendships bloom, enemies reconcile, and strangers fall head over heels. Join us in our wooden ‘O’ for an unforgettable journey where you never know what—or who—you might encounter. Director Ellen McDougall’s delightful production infuses warmth into the summer’s end.

At the Hampstead Theatre, prepare for a mind-bending journey in Anthropology. Merril, a leading software engineer in Silicon Valley, faces a life-shattering ordeal when her sister Angie vanishes. A year later, Merril takes Angie’s digital traces and constructs a digital simulation of her sister. This ‘virtual Angie’ initially provides solace, but it soon starts revealing unsettling details about the real Angie’s disappearance. Playwright Lauren Gunderson, celebrated for works like “I and You,” crafts a gripping narrative in this San Francisco-based tale. Directed by Anna Ledwich, who has an impressive Hampstead Theatre portfolio, Anthropology stars the talented MyAnna Buring alongside Dakota Blue Richards, Yolanda Kettle, and Abigail Thaw.

Last but not least, immerse yourself in the mesmerising world of Bob Marley’s music with Legend. This unforgettable stage show extravaganza brings to life the timeless hits of the reggae legend. From Could You Be Loved to No Woman No Cry and One Love, you’ll experience Marley’s iconic sound like never before. With impeccable vocals, flawless musicianship, and a supremely talented cast, this two-hour spectacle captures the essence of an icon gone too soon. Don’t miss this celebration of the magic and culture of Bob Marley!

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