Song From Far Away and in conversation with Kirk Jameson…
Song From Far Away and in conversation with Kirk Jameson…

Song From Far Away and in conversation with Kirk Jameson…

Episode 18

Featuring the reviews of Spy for Spy, The Swell and Will Young’s performance in Song From Far Away with an exclusive interview with its show director Kirk Jameson.


Get ready for an exciting episode of our podcast, where Natalie and Darren dive into the world of theatre. First up is the innovative play Spy for Spy at Riverside Studios, starring Olive Gray and Amy Lennox. This unique production allows the audience to choose the order of the scenes, creating a dynamic and interactive experience. Natalie and Darren explore the thrilling aspects of this show and delve into the impact of audience participation on the storytelling.

In an exclusive interview, Darren sits down with Kirk Jameson, the director of Song From Far Away. They delve into the captivating world of this emotionally charged production, exploring the intricacies of the storytelling and the profound impact it has on the audience. With a keen focus on Will Young’s exceptional performance, Darren and Kirk discuss the nuanced portrayal and the powerful connection he establishes with the audience. From the compelling musical moments to the raw and authentic exploration of grief and longing, they provide a deep dive into the artistic choices and the transformative nature of this extraordinary show. Join Natalie and Darren as they unravel the layers of Song From Far Away and uncover the beauty and resonance it brings to the stage.

Lastly, Natalie and Darren immerse themselves in the compelling world of Isley Lynn’s The Swell at the intimate Orange Tree Theatre. This thought-provoking play takes centre stage with its exploration of complex themes and captivating narratives. Featuring a stellar all-female cast, including the talented Sophie Ward, Jessica Clark, Ruby Crepin-Glyne, Shuna Snow, Viss Elliot Safavi, and Saroja-Lily Ratnavel, the production shines a light on the power of diverse storytelling. Natalie and Darren delve into the impact of the performances, praising the exceptional talent and chemistry displayed by the cast. They discuss how the portrayal of these diverse and dynamic characters adds depth and authenticity to the production, highlighting the importance of representation on stage. Together, they celebrate the significance of The Swell in challenging societal norms and fostering a more inclusive and vibrant theatre landscape.

Join Natalie and Darren as they explore these intriguing productions, share insightful discussions, and provide a front-row seat to the vibrant world of theatre.

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