I Think We Are Alone and Wise Children…
I Think We Are Alone and Wise Children…

I Think We Are Alone and Wise Children…

Episode 22

Featuring the reviews of I Think We Are Alone, Coronavirus Time Capsule, Leave A Light On and Wise Children.


Get ready for an extraordinary episode as Natalie sits down with the talented Sally Abbott, the brilliant writer behind the recent Frantic Assembly 25th Anniversary production, I Think We Are Alone, directed by the remarkable duo Scott Graham and Kathy Burke. Prepare to be captivated as Sally shares her insights and creative process behind this ground-breaking production.

But that’s not all! This episode delves into intriguing discussions on the latest from National Theatre Home, the innovative platform Frantic Digital, the thought-provoking Coronavirus Time Capsule, the immersive world of Digital Theatre+, the heart-warming series Leave a Light On, the uplifting song requests for the NHS, the engaging Instagram Live sessions, and the enchanting world of Wise Children. Join Natalie and her guests as they explore the evolving landscape of theatre in the digital age and uncover the power of storytelling and creativity. This episode is packed with inspiration, behind-the-scenes stories, and a deep appreciation for the arts.

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Sally Abbott


Natalie Maher


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