Backstair’s Billy, Mates in Chelsea, Club Kabarett and Jac Yarrow…
Backstair’s Billy, Mates in Chelsea, Club Kabarett and Jac Yarrow…

Backstair’s Billy, Mates in Chelsea, Club Kabarett and Jac Yarrow…

Episode 39

Featuring reviews of Backstairs Billy, Mates in Chelsea, Babies, insights into the future of Covent Garden, Bernie Dieter’s Club Kabarett and a conversation with actor Jac Yarrow.

Embark on a royal escapade with the Michael Grandage Company as they present Marcelo Dos Santos‘ new comedy, Backstairs Billy. Directed by Michael Grandage, this intriguing production revolves around a pivotal moment in the 50-year relationship between the Queen Mother and her devoted servant William “Billy” Tallon. Set against the backdrop of 1979, a time of strikes and seismic changes with Margaret Thatcher’s ascent, the play unfolds inside Clarence House. Penelope Wilton graces the stage as the Queen Mother, while Luke Evans takes on the role of the loyal Billy. Watch as the worlds of royalty and servitude collide, bringing about dizzying consequences.

Meanwhile, at the Royal Court, director Sam Pritchard brings to life Rory Mullarkey’s riotous play, Mates in Chelsea. Drawing inspiration from Wilde and Wodehouse, this contemporary comedy of manners explores the lives of the ruling class in southwest London.

In a musical crescendo, catch Babies, a newborn British musical delivered in concert at the Lyric Theatre. With a blistering pop-rock score, this joy-filled yet heart-wrenching comedy follows Year 11 students tasked with caring for plastic simulator dolls. As they grapple with the responsibilities of parenthood, friendships are tested, dreams are questioned, and the true meaning of responsibility is hilariously unveiled. Created by Jack Godfrey & Martha Geelan, Babies is a captivating exploration of growing out of growing up. Natalie and Darren discuss the latest news to strike Covent Garden with the debate about the future of the street performers.

Brace yourself for an unforgettable night at Bernie Dieter’s Club Kabarett. Hosted by the Mistress of mayhem, Bernie Dieter, this uproarious show features a live band and world-class circus, cabaret, and sideshow acts. With riotous original songs, Bernie Dieter’s Club Kabarett promises a hilarious, jaw-dropping, and eye-opening experience—a must-see spectacle in London this winter. The podcast closes with Darren talking to West End superstar Jac Yarrow about all things Sondheim.

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