Kim’s Convenience, Rehab the Musical and Cowbois
Kim’s Convenience, Rehab the Musical and Cowbois

Kim’s Convenience, Rehab the Musical and Cowbois

Episode 5

🎙️Featuring the reviews Kim’s Convenience, Rehab the Musical and Cowbois.

Kim’s Convenience:


Welcome to a theatrical journey that spans generations and genres! 🎭✨First up, join us in the heartwarming world of Kim’s Convenience. This award-winning comedy drama, which inspired the Netflix hit, takes you into the life of Mr. Kim, the hardworking patriarch of a Korean family-run corner store in Toronto. As he grapples with changing landscapes and generational gaps, playwright Ins Choi, who himself played Mr. Kim’s son in the original stage play, stars in this feel-good ode to immigrants who have shaped Canada. Esther Jun, who also has a long history with the play having been cast in the original, returns this time to direct the five strong cast which also includes Namju Go, Jennifer Kim, Brian Law and Miles Mitchell.

Rehab the Musical!:

Get ready for a time-traveling musical experience with Rehab the Musical! It’s 1999, and Kid Pop, a jaded pop star caught in a tabloid sting, faces a choice between jail time and rehab. What seems like a no-brainer vacation quickly turns into an emotional journey of self-discovery. Starring a stellar cast including Keith Allen, Mica Paris, and Jodie Steele, this musical with a stunning score is a timeless story about striving for a better life.

Saddle up for a rollicking queer Western adventure with the Royal Shakespeare Company’s production of Cowbois. In a sleepy Wild West town, the women, missing their gold-rush-chasing husbands, find a new frontier when the dashing bandit Jack Cannon arrives. This joyous cowboy romp, co-directed by Charlie Josephine and Sean Holmes, brings humour, swagger, and old-fashioned gun-slinging action to the stage.

Get ready for laughter, heartbreak, and a whole lot of excitement in this theatrical podcast episode. Join us as we explore the stories, characters, and the creative minds behind these captivating productions. From the corner store to the Wild West, this episode promises a theatrical ride like no other!


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